Embedded Linux with Yocto Project

Embedded Linux with Yocto Project




High Level Trainings of the Linux Foundation

on Embedded Linux with the Yocto™ project


Linux is the dominant operating system for the embedded systems industry. Many companies now rely on the infrastructure of the Yocto™ project. And we make you fit for the use of the Yocto™ project in your industrial applications with the High Level Trainings of the Linux Foundation. With the Yocto™ project you can develop and maintain customized Linux distributions for industrial applications. It is not an embedded Linux distribution but creates a customized distribution for you. The Yocto™ project is an open source collaboration project that helps developers to create their own Linux-based systems for embedded products, regardless of the hardware architecture. The project offers flexible tools and an area where embedded software developers worldwide can share technologies, software stacks, configurations and best practices to create customized Linux images for embedded and IOT devices. For more information, visit https://www.yoctoproject.org

The Linux Foundation Training "Embedded Linux Development with the Yocto Project" fits exactly to the requirements of application developers, administrators, testers and project managers. The training materials for this course are created by the top Linux kernel developers at the Linux Foundation. The trainer have been tested and approved by the Linux Foundation. This training takes place at many of our training partners in Europe. Have a look here.

For questions about this and other training courses, please contact us by email at info@trainlux.eu or by phone at 0049-172-6842500.