Linux Foundation Training in Europe, Middle Eas...

Linux Foundation Training in Europe, Middle East, Africa & Russia

The Linux Foundation offers you the opportunity to achieve greater success in your profession through first-hand training.
Salary negotiations with certifications are more successful for the employee and studies show that HR managers prefer to hire certified applicants who demonstrate their skills. Linux talents are in great demand. Become a successful Linux developer or system administrator and start with us into a new professional future and prove your worth.

Our range of services is also very attractive for employers, not only due to e-learning courses.
IT technology is developing rapidly. In order not to miss the connection, your employees should be optimally trained. Due to permanent quality management we are always up to date with feedback from the community to ensure that we impart knowledge and skills that are applied in the workplace.  
Our courses also include practical components and rigorous programming or management exercises. You can only win!