LFS264 OPNFV Fundamentals

LFS264 OPNFV Fundamentals

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Is your organization embarking on an NFV transformation journey? Do you believe open source software will play a critical role in this journey? Are you unclear how to integrate and test large, complex open source projects for your NFV use case? Are you a hands-on type of a person? If yes, this course is for you.

The Linux Foundation Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) project facilitates the development and evolution of NFV components across various open source ecosystems. Through system level integration, deployment and testing, OPNFV creates a reference NFV platform to accelerate the transformation of enterprise and service provider networks.

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of OPNFV. Starting with an overview of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and OPNFV, it delves into the challenges OPNFV solves, then provides an overview of the feature, integration, and testing OPNFV projects, industry use cases and benefits. In addition to the theoretical learning, the course includes lab exercises that you can run on the Google Cloud Platform. These lab exercises revolve around deployment and testing, for a deeper learning of each of OPNFV’s key areas.

This course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding and basic hands-on knowledge of the OPNFV project and a guide for navigating, participating, and benefiting from the OPNFV community. It is also meant for vendors that wish to determine how to position or sell their products into the NFV ecosystem including verification testing.

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