DevOps Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery

DevOps is changing the way applications are built, tested, and deployed. This course, written by John Willis, author of the DevOps Handbook, will give you a basic knowledge of the process, patterns and tools used in building and managing a Continuous Implementation/Continuous Delivery pipeline. The included lab exercises will give the student the basic setup and configuration knowledge of how to setup a multiple language pipeline.


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Course Overview

This course covers the concepts of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). It is designed for first time students of CI/CD processes and tools. The key concepts of CI/CD will be discussed in the course as a delivery pipeline. Each topic is introduced as stages in the pipeline, starting with the Build Phase, then Packaging, through Deployment. The course will also touch on more advanced topics in CI/CD, such as automated testing and deployment strategies (such as blue-green and canary deploys).


Course Details

  • Delivery Method: online self-paced
  • Duration: 20 hours of Course Material
  • Hands-on labs & Assignments
  • Video content
  • 12 months of Access to Online Course
  • Discussion Forums
  • Experience level: Intermediate


Course Outline

  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Continuous Delivery
  • Chapter 2. The Build Phase
  • Chapter 3. Packages and Package Repository
  • Chapter 4. Deployment and Operations
  • Chapter 5. Automated Testing
  • Chapter 6. Deployment Strategies
  • Chapter 7. Immutable Delivery
  • Chapter 8. SaaS-Based CI/CD Solutions



Basic Linux and system administration knowledge.