LFS253 Containers Fundamentals

LFS253 Containers Fundamentals

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This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about container technologies.


  • Access to a workstation that has Linux, Mac, or Windows installed
  • Familiarity with the command line
  • Basic understanding of the Cloud
  • Access to a Linux server or Linux desktop/laptop (if you are not accessing DigitalOcean Cloud)


Course Description

Nowadays, we have different applications to go about our daily life: booking a cab, ordering food, scheduling an appointment, and so on. The companies creating and providing these apps continuously listen to their customers and come up with new features to address their concerns. In such an app-driven world, containers and microservices seem to be the perfect home for an application. With containers, we bundle an application with all its dependencies and deploy it on the platform of our choice, be it Bare-Metal, VM, Cloud, etc.

Containers bring benefits to all the phases of an application lifecycle. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for all of us to learn about containers, irrespective of our domain, be it Developers, Quality Assurance, or Operations. Containers have become a central theme of DevOps.

This course will help you build a solid foundation on container technologies. After completing this course, you should be able to do container and image operations with different container runtimes, manage network and storage (volumes) with containers, build and run multi-container applications with Docker, Docker APIs, etc.

Once you have learned the basics with the course, you will be able to take on more advanced topics, like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, with ease.

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