We are your contact for Linux Foundation training and certification in the regions Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia

We represent The Linux Foundation and are your contact for training and certification in the region EMEAR (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia).


The Linux Foundation offers you the opportunity to achieve greater success in your profession through first-hand training. Salary negotiations with certifications are more successful for the employee and studies show that HR managers prefer to hire certified applicants who convince by their skills. Linux talents are in great demand. Become a successful Linux developer or system administrator and start with us into a new professional future and give proof of your quality.
Our range of services is also very attractive for employers, not only due to e-learning courses. IT technology is developing rapidly. In order not to miss the connection, your employees should be optimally trained. Due to permanent quality management we are always up to date with feedback from the community to ensure that we impart knowledge and skills that are applied in the workplace. Our courses also include practical components and rigorous programming or management exercises. You can only win!

Detailed information on the training courses and certifications of the Linux Foundation can be found here.

FOSDEM 2018 in Brussels


We were on 3 & 4 February 2018 with our Linux Foundation information booth at the FOSDEM in Brussels. We have put together some interesting information for you.



Training Partner


The Linux Foundation cooperates with authorized partners for your courses. Here you will find information about our highly qualified Linux Foundation training partners.


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The Linux Foundation


Linux is the most popular operating system for web servers, cloud computing, smartphones and consumer electronics. Do you have any questions? Or are you interested in a membership? Please use our contact form.


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LFCS Training


Start in a new professional future with our documents and free current webinars! This overall package will prepare you optimally for passing the LFCS exam.



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With the constantly increasing spread of Linux in both the server and embedded markets, The Linux Foundation's introductory Linux courses and advanced Linux training provide both companies and individuals with a variety of training options to increase their knowledge and usage of Linux.
With its trainings and certifications, the Linux Foundation offers a wide range of training opportunities. Individuals who want to establish themselves in the labour market or companies that stand up to progress and always want to be up-to-date. Our training courses and examinations are always tailored to your needs.

LFCS Voucher / Special offer for Academic Partner

Only for Academic Partners of The Linux Foundation

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LFCS Voucher / Special offer for participants of the LFCS Prep Training 08-09_2017

The discounted LFCS voucher is a special offer for participants of the LFCS Prep Training 08-09/2017. This voucher includes a "second shot" option. In case you fail on the first try you get one free retake.

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LFCE Voucher / Special offer for Academic Partner

Special offer, only for Academic Partners of The Linux Foundation

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